Old School Gaming

I’m planning an old school D&D game using a combination of 2nd Edition and 3rd Edition/Pathfinder. Basically, it will feel like 3rd edition without any feats, placing creativity and actual role-play back into the player’s hands.

I’ll be using the combat and AC, xp charts and skill sets from 3rd Edition/Pathfinder. Classes and creatures from 2nd edition. No PrC, no non-core classes. No racial class limits. Humans and dual class, demi-humans can multi after 1st level.

I’ll be using all the old modules since I’ve plenty of them. I’m planning on a Greyhawk setting. I have all the core books in pdf format and can share them out to players so no need to go hunting for your old books unless you want to.

I find that 3rd Edition is over-powered plus takes away from actual role-play with all the feats, classes, PrC and extra stuff that wasn’t needed.

Depending upon what the players want, this could be a straight up dungeon crawl (Ruins of Greyhawk) or the old campaign (Village of Hommlet through Queen of the Demonweb Pits) or a partial campaign (Desert of Desolation series, my favorite).

A Return to what was Before

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